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Y Combinator Launches A ‘tinder For more helpful hints Entrepreneurs’ To Match Startup Co

“We’re not trying to monetize and make money off active users, or we’re not selling ads. We don’t want you to stay on the platform, even. We want you to actually find the right co-founder and go do something else.” Motion is part of Y Combinator’s most recent batch, although the team entered the Silicon Valley accelerator program in May 2019 with a wholly different business. The “real problem” they’ve committed to solving now, according to cofounder and CEO Harry Qi, is loosening the vice grip that social media sites like Facebook and YouTube have on remote workers’ attention during the work day. But over the last five years, mental health care startups have been scrutinized for how they navigate the murky line between making money and providing quality support to users in need. The anonymous mental health app Talkspace struggled with violating clinical confidentiality and preventing therapists from reporting dangerous situations due to the patients’ anonymity.

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  • Sure, you may have a strong team of advisors, but there is no way that their level of investment and engagement will be the same as yours.
  • As you explore whether or not an accelerator is right for your mobile app, read these six success stories with valuable lessons to apply to your own growth strategy.
  • When capital is tight, funds want to more direct ROI, and are less willing to shell out dollars for ‘long term opportunities’.
  • Right around when the fed crushes demand, the supply chain will finally get fixed, flooding the market with supply that no one now wants.

Browse open roles posted this week at vetted and well-funded Y Combinator startups. New users join the app by inputting their kinks, fetishes, and preferences and indicating their level of interest in each one (‘Yes,’ ‘Hard No,’ or ‘Discuss’). Once their profile is created, they can browse matches who have listed the same interests. This way, users are guaranteed to only see people who want to try the same things, and can rest assured they’ll never be matched with something they’re uncomfortable doing.

The company is said to have shipped close to 15 million units of the Quest 2 since its introduction in 2020, according to IDC estimates, and controls roughly 90% of the VR hardware market. The company announced Tuesday it’s raising the more helpful hints prices of its Quest VR headsets by $100. This brings the price of the 128 GB version of the Quest to $399, while the 256 GB version will cost $499. Kraken is suspected of letting users in Iran and other places buy and sell digital assets, violating U.S. sanctions in place since 1979, the New York Times reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

A health tracking app with personalised food ordering. A 5-minute meditation app designed to help busy people stress less, achieve more, and live better. A local business directory sold through small-town newspapers. A powerful and intuitive social media management platform complete with scheduling, analytics, and monitoring. A cloud storage service that lets you save files online and sync them to your devices.

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YC illustrated that company formation could be standardized – and that it’s a good business. Since it debuted, others have joined the fray, offering different forms of acceleration and incubation. Though this variation means competition isn’t always head-to-head, other programs almost invariably overlap with YC in some respect. Startups with an underrepresented founder tend to stay alive longer than those without one, though this is partially due to greater diversity in later batches. However, even when looking at startups up to 2014, the trend holds. As you would expect, most mature companies either end up acquired or closing up shop.

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Sure, you may have a strong team of advisors, but there is no way that their level of investment and engagement will be the same as yours. Going solo may sound compelling for many reasons (i.e. owning more of the company and complete control of the decision-making process), but Y Combinator rarely invests in solo founders. Though there are exceptions, like Drew Houston from Dropbox, it is pretty rare. In the startup world, most obstacles are external and these obstacles come in all shapes and forms.

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You have the potential to learn way more way more quickly at a startup and if it folds you are still young and have experience. I wish I would have taken this advice when I was 25… If you think that startup will hang around for a bit (1 – 2 years) that will be more than enough experience for you to land the next job.

Right around when the fed crushes demand, the supply chain will finally get fixed, flooding the market with supply that no one now wants. Worse yet, everyone over-ordered due to the supply chain issues to reduce future disruptions. We’re going to end up in a recession with huge surplus of inventory. Changing interest rates does not fix supply chain problems.

The question now will be what happens when it’s open to everyone. So far, YC plans to manually vet applications to make sure it’s really entrepreneurs looking for co-founders. Understand that the poor public market performance of tech companies significantly impacts VC investing. VCs will have a much harder time raising money and their LPs will expect more investment discipline. As a result, during economic downturns even the top tier VC funds with a lot of money slow down their deployment of capital .

Wray has made a number of public remarks on the China cyber threat this year. In a January speech, he said the FBI had 2,000 open investigations related to attempted theft of technology and information by the Chinese government. The FBI is opening a new case related to Chinese intelligence roughly every 12 hours, he said at the time.