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With Tinder Plus, you will receive 5 new super likes to use every 24 hours

With Tinder Plus, you will receive 5 new super likes to use every 24 hours

The features that Tinder Plus includes are unlimited Swipes, Rewind, 5 Super Likes a day, 1 Boost a month, No ads, and Passport.

Unlimited Swipes

Swipe till your fingers fall off. No, please dont actually do that, but with Unlimited Swipes, you can. Unlimited Swipes really says it all, you wont get that pesky message telling you that youve run out of matches for the day, keep on swiping.


Rewind allows you to backtrack after youve swiped on someone. Maybe you werent paying attention, or maybe you were holding your phone upside down and swiped the wrong way. Whatever the reason, Rewind allows you to undo your decision and swipe appropriately.

5 Super Likes A Day

Normally, you swipe right and sit back and hope for the best. A Super Like allows you to take a little more control.


Rather than quietly swiping and hoping your match does too, a Super Like allows you to stick your head above the pack and show your potential match that you not only like them… but you Super Like them!

It really is just a way for you to stand out from the pack and let them know that they are very much so your type. A Super Like can even increase your chances of a match by 3x.

But use them wisely, as I mention in my book Tinder Hacked, you want to use your Super Likes on people that really tick your boxes, rather than throwing them at the first 5 attractive people you see.

1 Boost A Month

A Boost is a way for you to shoot yourself right to the front of the Tinder queue. Remember, there are thousands of other people on Tinder, so sometimes that profile you just swiped wont see you for weeks, or maybe ever. Especially if they are someone that jumps onto Tinder sporadically and swipes only a few people at a time.

Its difficult to get yourself in front of users like this unless you use Boost. A Boost allows you to be one of the top profiles viewed for the next 30 minutes.

This means that if someone starts swiping in that time period, most of the time you will be one of the first profiles they see. This obviously dramatically increases your chances of matches.

You get one free Boost a month, so use it wisely. If youre wondering when you should set it off, check out this article on Tinder Boosts. In my opinion, the Boost is and will continue to be the most valuable paid tool.


As mentioned above, Passport is actually now a free feature! It wont last for long, so make the most of it whilst its free!

Other than also getting rid of any annoying ads popping up whilst swiping, those are all the features of Tinder Plus.

As of right now, in the US Tinder is sitting at around $9.99 per month. Heres the kicker… If youre 31 or over, I have some bad news for you. Monthly subscriptions for over 30s is $ per month.

Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold is all about efficiency. Its Tinders newest, and top paid subscription that was launched in 2017. Tinder Gold allows you access to all the premium features that Tinder Plus does, but also includes premium features such as Likes You and more Top Picks.

Likes You

This is where the efficiency comes in. Rather than twiddling your thumbs and hoping for a match, Likes You allows you to see every single profile that has already liked you. The name kind of says it all…

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