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How do you state “you” in the Hungarian?

How do you state “you” in the Hungarian?

The phrase getting “you” from inside the Hungarian was “te”. It’s an individual pronoun which is used to address anybody your audio speaker knows better, instance a friend, loved one, or companion. It is also familiar with address an individual who are recognized, particularly a teacher, advisor, or authority profile. When addressing a group of somebody, new plural setting “ti” is employed.

How will you say “in” inside the Hungarian?

Which phrase is used in a variety of situations, just like the term “in” is employed inside English. Particularly, in a way “I am in your house” or “This woman is regarding the car”.

“Benne” could also be used to indicate one one thing is roofed otherwise consisted of contained in this another thing. Such as, in ways “The publication is within the box” or “The key is in the package”.

When used in conjunction which have an occasion term, “benne” plays the meaning off “within”. Therefore, you could say “The new conference is within half-hour” or “Im home into the five full minutes”.

Eventually, “benne” can also be used to suggest movement in direction of some thing. Such as for example, you might say “I’m going when you look at the” or “Come into”.

How do you state “Hungarian” inside the Hungarian?

Hungarian is another type of words in ways. It’s unrelated to virtually any almost every other biggest vocabulary members of the family, and its own closest family unit members is Finnish and you may Estonian. It is very one of the few languages with a loyal instance system. This is why all of the word has a particular stop dependent on their part about sentence, such whether it is the niche or object.

Hungarian datingmentor.org/escort/buffalo/ possess 14 times in total – 4 more than Finnish and you will Estonian. This will have a look daunting to help you learners, in facts the other instances build Hungarian much more versatile and expressive than just its nearby members of the family.

The brand new Hungarian word for ‘Hungarian’ is magyar. So it term comes from title of your own old Magyar people, who have been the first to ever settle throughout the area which is today Hungary. The word ‘magyar’ can be used as the each other an effective noun and you can a keen adjective, and has a number of different endings according to its character on the phrase.

How do you say “say” from inside the Hungarian?

The latest Hungarian word to possess “say” was mond. The word mond can be utilized both due to the fact good verb and you may an excellent noun. Such, you can utilize mond to say “I say” or “according to him”, you could also use they to express “what according to him” or “the brand new operate of stating”.

The expression mond hails from the newest Latin keyword mundus, which means “world” or “universe”. The definition of mundus in the course of time turned into mond during the Hungarian. The word mond has been doing include in Hungarian since 13th 100 years.

The expression mond should be conjugated to suit different tenses. Including, the current demanding conjugation off mond could well be mondok, meaning that “I state”. Going back tense conjugation from mond could well be mondtam, which means that “I said”.

The expression mond can also be used in addition to most other terms which will make some other meaning. Eg, the term mondhat is a good verb meaning “being say” otherwise “as permitted to state”. Some other analogy is the term elmond, meaning that “to inform” or “in order to associate”.

Basically, the latest Hungarian keyword to have “say” try mond. The word mond may be used due to the fact one another a beneficial verb and you can a beneficial noun. The expression mond has been in use in Hungarian because 13th 100 years. The term mond should be conjugated to match other tenses. The expression mond can also be used along side other terms to help make other definition.

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